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Puedes descargar una copia de estas condiciones aquí:

1. Acceptance and changes
These General Terms and Conditions, together with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, cover the rules of use of the website www.blazaar.com (hereinafter "Blazaar"). By completing the registration procedure as a student of Blazaar you declare that you have read, understood and accepted them.

We may make changes to these General Terms of Contract to adapt them to regulatory changes and/or the addition of new functions or services at Blazaar. You can always see the effective date of the latest version the end of this document.

If you wish to make an inquiry related to the General Terms and Conditions, contact info@blazaar.com.

2. What kinds of services are offered by Blazaar?
Bazaar is an online language school offering language classes through its own video chat tool.

It offers its students a wide range of teachers, allowing them to customize their studies by choosing a teacher that suits their learning aims, according to their characteristics and needs (language level, specialized content, hours of availability, price, etc.), always guaranteeing professional service being rendered to the student.

Blazaar offers all teaching levels on each language: basic, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. Blazaar teachers can help you prepare for international exams, improve conversation, review grammar, composition of documents, etc.

It also offers a component which allows the booking of immediate classes, known as "Express" classes. If students are not sure of their availability, or need to meet an unexpected demand, they can book an immediate class.

3. Blazaar users 
Both teachers and students are Blazaar users.

The minimum age of registration, both for teachers and students, is 18 years. The Blazaar user condition involves providing personal data, using a video chat tool and signing the contract governing the services purchased. We want to ensure that people who have signed up understand how they are supposed to use Blazaar and that they have legal coverage in accordance with the law applicable to them, so that they sign this contract in a binding manner.

As a user you become responsible for the information you have provided and guarantee that your Blazaar user status does not infringe the legitimate rights of others (for example, you're not breaking an exclusivity agreement as a teacher).

If you are a minor and you are interested in becoming a member of Blazaar, please contact us and tell us about your situation. We are working to offer Blazaar to minors, taking into account the particular status, both legal and practical, involved. We are sure that your opinion will help us.

4. Rules of use of the platform
As a user you agree to make an appropriate, diligent and lawful use of Blazaar and, by means of non-limiting, not to use it to:

  • a) provide information or to register user accounts with false data or pretending to be someone else or attributing capacities you do not possess;
  • b) negotiate prices for classes extracurricular to Blazaar. The prices are set by Blazaar and can neither be unilaterally modified nor altered for any specific circumstances.
  • c) postings on the profile (text, images, links, etc.) to promote any relationship between users outside the contractual context of Blazaar, or to provide means of external contact outside Blazaar.
  • d) promote or engage in illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order;
  • e) the use or installation of programs or devices able to override control of security passwords and decryption of operative keys, encryption algorithms or any other systems infringing the safety elements of the web;
  • f) causing damage to the operative and logical systems CECADAM, SL, its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other hardware or software capable of causing the aforementioned damage;
  • g) attempting to access and so subsequently use the accounts of other users and modify or manipulate the information they contain;
  • h) infringe any intellectual or industrial property of Blazaar or others;
  • i) make copies or versions of the website or its source code, without the express consent of CECADAM, SL;
  • j) violate the privacy of others or disclose personal data of others;
  • k) send advertising, unsolicited commercial information or SPAM.

5. User Responsibility
The user is obliged to make appropriate use of Blazaar and does not invoke bad faith to any practice that is prohibited by law or by the Terms of Use, conditions and Privacy Policy governing Blazaar.

Blazaar is empowered by these Terms, once it obtains actual knowledge of the conduct by the user of any action or illegal use in general, to inform the competent authorities of the circumstances and dismiss the user or restrict his or her access to the website.

Users are solely liable for any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action initiated by third parties being harmed directly by the user; the latter assuming all expenses, costs and compensation, if any, in case that the complaint is directed against Blazaar.

Therefore Blazaar will notify and consequently collaborate with the competent authority if it obtains knowledge of any incident that that could constitute an illegal activity, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

6. User registration procedure for teachers
To register as a Blazaar teacher user you must first fill in the application form to register as a teacher at www.blazaar.com. You'll find it in the section “admission process for teachers”.

The information to be provided to Blazaar are: name and surname, email, a user password, telephone number, date of birth, city and country of residence, country of birth, mother tongue, languages you want to teach, your level, education and training and diplomas for each language, a photograph, your desired fee per session and the currency you want to use.

The information provided on the application form for the activation of an account, especially name and surname, must be real.

Each type of user must have a unique email address on the platform. Two students or two teachers with the same email will be unable to activate an account, however, you can use the same email to register as a student and as a teacher. To become a student and teacher will require a separate registration procedure for each category, in accordance with it’s the relevant conditions and requirements.

Applying for registration as a teacher implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy of Blazaar.

Once you submit the application form for registration as a teacher at Blazaar, we will contact you for a formal interview, which as a rule is held via video chat on the same platform.

Once your registration request has been approved, we will send you our Terms and Conditions in force at the moment of recruitment, which will govern your relationship with Blazaar; the road tax data collection must have been sent us to be incorporated in our teacher's database and instructions for payment of your classes (procedure, processing of invoices, etc.).

Only individuals can register, no companies, or associations, nor trade-marks, or any other entity with or without the status of a legal person. Each user must correspond to a single individual, and cannot be shared between the teachers and students, or used to create a collective profile.

Your answers must be truthful and accurate, without omitting any information or documentation you have to provide for us to carry out the process for admission as a teacher with Blazaar. By accepting these Terms you understand that we act in confidence that the information you provide is true and correct and that you are aware providing false information constitutes a breach of contract and can be subject to criminal inquiry.

7. Additional obligations to users becoming teachers

- Willingness to perform your duties as a teacher (punctuality, quality of classes, assessment of students, dedication ...).

- The issuing of invoices for services rendered to Blazaar, in order to proceed with the payment of services rendered. Payments will be made monthly. Blazaar will send you a document summarizing the total you have earned during the previous month. If you agree with the summary you must submit an invoice for the amount stated in that document.

- Compliance with the obligations in vigor according to the laws that apply to you in carrying out this occupation (taxes, registration records, income statements, etc.).

- Assumption that you have the necessary means to collect your payments (you must have an operational PayPal account and ensure that there are no impediments for transfers) and that you agree to inform Blazaar of any changes or incidents that may prevent payments and collections. Any applicable costs for payments and receipts, are paid by the teacher.

8. Blazaar's obligations relating to its faculty users

- Blazaar is obligated to pay teachers' fees, which have been accrued conducting classes, in accordance with the conditions previously agreed with Blazaar.

- Submit a monthly summary document of the teacher's activity of the previous month.

- Make payment of bills submitted by teachers within 10 days of receipt.

9. Private teacher's user area
As a Blazaar teacher, you dispose of a private user area where the following sections are listed:

- My data: personal data you provided when filling out the application form as a teacher to register.
Except for the email you used to sign up, you can modify your data by entering the "My Data" menu in the header.
To change the password please click on the link "Forgot your password?" when the log in pop-up appears. Enter your email address and we'll send you an email with a link to change your password.

- My scheduled sessions: display your scheduled sessions: its date, time and student. Next to it you will find a video icon, click on it to access the video chat and start the class. This link activates itself 10 minutes before the start of the session.

- My ratings: displays a list with all evaluations received (date, student assessment and comment).

- Availability: a weekly calendar, where you can mark the corresponding hours you are available to teach (these are marked in orange) in the displayed cells. The session cells already booked by a student, are shown in brownish-red and cannot be changed.
Cells displayed in grey are unavailable to students (by default). If you do not mark hours available, your calendar will as a consequence be displayed as not available and prospective students are unable to book your services.
The times displayed are in accordance with the given time zone of the teacher.

- Immediate availability: you can activate an immediate availability function (Express classes) by setting your immediate availability at the hours you wish to teach within a certain time frame. A confirmation message will appear on the screen.

- Requests for immediate sessions: When a student requests an immediate class with you, you will be notified in your "Scheduled Sessions" section. You also will receive an email with this information.

10. Cancellation Policy and delays: Consequences
a. Cancellation of a session with more than 24 hours’ notice
If a student or teacher cancels the session, the class is cancelled at no cost and a new session can be rescheduled.

b. Cancellation of a session with a 6 to 24 hours’ notice
If the teacher cancels: the student will be reimbursed the full price of the lost session and will additionally receive a bonus of 50% of the cost of the cancelled session.
Example: A session is scheduled at 6 pm (10 Blazys) and is cancelled at 10 am: the student will receive 10 + 5 = 15 Blazys credited to her/his account. The teacher loses the class and will be penalized with 50% of the cost of the scheduled class
If the student cancels: (s)he loses the class. The teacher will be credited with 50% of the Blazys corresponding to the class..

c. Cancellation of a session with less than 6 hours’ notice
If the teacher cancels: the student will be reimbursed the full price of the lost session and will additionally receive a bonus of 100% of the cost of the cancelled session. The teacher loses the class and will be penalized with 100% of the Blazys corresponding to the class.
Example: A session is scheduled at 6 pm (10 Blazys) and is cancelled at 2 pm: the student will receive 10 + 10 = 20 Blazys credited to her/his account.
If the student cancels: (s)he loses the class. The teacher gets paid for the class.

d. Delay of 5 to 15 minutes
If the teacher is late: the session will be taken for the remaining time, and the student will receive a bonus of 50% of the Blazys paid for that class. The teacher will be penalized with 50% of the Blazys corresponding to the class.
Example: If the cost of the class is 10 Blazys, the student will be credited with 5 Blazys and the teacher will be penalized with 5 Blazys
If the student is late: the session will be taken for the remaining time, and (s)he loses the time corresponding to the delay. The teacher gets the whole class paid.

e. Delay of more than 15 minutes or absence
If the teacher is delayed or does not show: the session will be cancelled. The student will be reimbursed the full price of the lost session and will additionally receive a bonus of 150% of the corresponding Blazys. The teacher will be penalized with 150% of Blazys corresponding to the class. If the student is delayed or fails to show: the class is cancelled and (s)he loses it. The teacher is paid for the whole class.

11. Applicable law, jurisdiction and enforcement
El sitio Web de Blazaar está sujeto a la legislación española. En caso de duda, los textos de referencia son los que están en español.
Blazaar's website is subject to Spanish law. In case of doubt, reference texts are those shown in Spanish. The parties submit, at its option, to resolve conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain), except where legal imperative issues jurisdiction to the courts of your domicile, under Spanish law for the protection of rights of consumers and users.

Updated: 15/10/2014