Websites for learning Portuguese

Websites for learning Portuguese

Websites for learning Portuguese

Blazaar, your online language school, is here to share free resources for learning Portuguese online.

Grammar and vocabulary

Blazaar’s blog – On Blazaar we don’t just want to offer you the best Portuguese courses online, we also want to reinforce our classes with extra information and interesting tidbits to keep in mind about the languages that we offer. Don’t hesitate to follow our blog so that you don’t miss out. – This website is really useful for learning Portuguese online because it allows you to look up the conjugation of any verb in Portuguese. You just enter in a verb and it is conjugated automatically.

Mi gramática – A simple and straightforward guide in Spanish to Portuguese grammar. Clear up your doubts and overcome mistakes common to beginners who are learning Portuguese.

Portuguese grammar online – More advanced students will find this Portuguese language site useful as it has quick guides, a section for resolving common doubts, and exercises for testing your level.

iLanguages – This website has compiled a list of 70% of the words an average Portuguese speaker uses daily.

Reading comprehension

Ebooks – Another one of the most effective ways to learn Portuguese online is working on your reading comprehension. Reading in the language that you want to learn and writing down words and grammatical structures that you don’t quite understand so you can look them up later is a great way to improve your Portuguese.

Read the news in Portuguese – If you’re the kind of person that likes to read the news and know what’s going on around the world, why not use it as a way to learn Portuguese online?

Diccionarios – This website offers several types of dictionaries that allow you to look up words you don’t know so that you can start memorizing and using them in conversation.

Oral comprehension

Audiobooks – This site offers 5 audiobooks that include familiar titles, like “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas and “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka.  This other website offers a larger catalog with more contemporary titles.

Podcast Portugueses and Brasileños – Podcasts are an interesting way to learn Portuguese. What’s the difference between audiobooks and podcasts? Above all, podcasts tend to indicate the difficulty of their content and they cover topics that will likely be more relevant to your day-to-day use of the language.

GloboTV and Rederecord – These Brazilian channels offer series and shorts that you can watch online. If you feel up for starting a series in Portuguese, don’t hesitate. This is an entertaining way for tuning your ear to different accents.

Pronunciation and phonetics

Speak Portuguese BBC –  Practice your Portuguese with these short videos on different topics, from how to introduce yourself to asking directions.

Pronunciation – Provides a description of the pronunciation of each letter of the alphabet.

Aprende a hablar – The Camões Institute recommends these resources for learning Portuguese online and speaking the language correctly.

Guía de pronunciación – This website will give you some tips for pronouncing vowels, consonants, and diphthongs, as well as provide some practice exercises.

As an online language school, Blazaar strives to make your education as well-rounded as possible. There are plenty of online resources you can use to complement your online Portuguese course, so don’t wait, and get started visiting these sites.

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