Survival Kit Geneva: 4 experiences you can’t miss

Survival Kit Geneva: 4 experiences you can’t miss

Survival Kit Geneva: 4 experiences you can’t miss

You have just settled in the homeland of Calvin for a few years and you want to familiarize yourself with your new environment. You know full well that foreign languages are not the strong point of the French speaking population but you secretly hope that the Genevans, inhabitants of an international city, are not refractory to anything that does not speak the language of Moliere … but surprise!!!

An inhabitant of Switzerland, even Genevan, will never say that he is French. Not only because he is not and even if he shares the same language, there will be nothing in common with his neighbor, yet so close. And yet, in both French-speaking Switzerland and Geneva, the same is true: unless you are an expatriate or working in tourism, the language of Shakespeare is not really spoken.

This should not discourage you from discovering your new city: Geneva is full of very attractive activities, which will allow you to take your bearings in your new environment. In the event of blues, the online language school Blazaar will give you the basics to evolve and make your place in the Geneva environment.

The water jet of Geneva

an essential element of the city: it is the « Eiffel Tower » of Geneva. 140 meters high and 500 liters of water per second at 200km /h since 1891, it sits in the center of the harbor. We whisper that if you do well, you can turn on the jet … but shh, do not say anything!

Jet of water  jet d’eau/ Tap robinet / Geneva harbor rade de Genève / Lake lac / Lighthouse phare.


High quality watch making

Switzerland is renowned for its High quality watch making and Geneva is full of museums, workshops, prestigious events and luxury boutiques, which will make you live a dazzling experience in this universe. You are advised to take a guided tour of the Patek Philippe museum: the Geneva reference brand offers to your eyes the richness of its collections.

Watch montre / Movement mouvement /  Hands aiguilles / Stopwatch chronomètre / Bracelet bracelet / Gold or /  Silver argent /  Steel acier


Outdoor rinks

At the Charmilles, Bastion and Pâquis, 3 skating rinks in plastic coating that looks like ice – more ecological because there is no need for electricity or cooling system, await you: take a course with a monitor to introduce you to the joys of skating. In the shade of the plane trees, the installation, especially for families, will be open until the end of February.

Ice skating patin à Glace / Skating patinoire / Snow neige  / Sliding glisser /  Dancing danser /  Ice cube galçon / Ice glace.


The Globe of Science and Innovation of CERN

Measuring 27 meters high and 40 meters in diameter, the Globe is an unprecedented visual reference point day and night. You will plunge into the world of particles until the Big Bang with the exhibition « Universe of Particles ».Guided tour in French on Wednesday and Saturday from 13h00 to 15h00.

Globe globe /  Scientist scicentifique / Experiment expérience / Chemistry chimie / Nuclear physics physique nucléaire.



For these experiments to be perfectly successful and to fully feel and enjoy these exceptional moments, you must master the basics of the Molière language. So you can meet, interact with your interlocutors and finally create links. The Blazaar online language school has a turnkey solution to help you: an 8 hour pack which will provide you with the few most used phrases and expressions, regardless of the situation.

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